A. 致謝形式 Acknowledging Core Support

請於成果發表時載明本設施與所使用儀器機型於文章材料方法與致謝,以提升本設施使用效益。致謝格式範例「The authors acknowledge the   technical support provided by IPMB flow cytometry analysis and sorting service, Acedemia Sinica」。歡迎將論文發表成果PDF bluegill@gate.sinica.edu.tw 信箱,以協助本設施更新期刊發表。The core facility mainly provides flow cytometric sorting and counseling services. Please refer to our facility and cytometer model in the methods and acknowledgements sections of your publication. Acknowledgement example The authors acknowledge the technical support provided by IPMB flow cytometry analysis and sorting service, Academia Sinica」. Please email the publication paper PDF to bluegill@gate.sinica.edu.twassisting the facility to update the journal published results.

B. 期刊發表 Publication


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