IPMB FCASS 中研院植微所流式細胞分析分選服務設施

中研院植微所流式細胞分析分選服務設施 (簡稱 IPMB FCASS),為全院性公用儀器設施,院內外學術機構與民間學術單位皆可預約申請,並技術人員依申請人需求進行分析及分選服務。自2010年成立以來,收件樣本來源主要為野外採集與實驗室培養之動植物細胞、真菌與微生物等樣品 (設施拒收具放射性與感染性病原微生物等樣品)服務內容包含基因體大小分析 (請自行準備合適的標準品)細胞週期分析、染色體倍體數分析、單一細胞分選、螢光標定特定族群分析分選等歡迎與設施聯絡。


IPMB Flow Cytometry Analysis and Sorting Services (hereinafter referred to as "IPMB FCASS"), which is affiliated to the Department of Academic Affairs and Instrument Service of the Academia Sinica, is a public instrument facility for all  academic institutions. Since January 2010, the facility has received a variety of sample sources, including field collection and laboratory culture of animals, plants, fungi, microbes and other samples. The services include genomic size analysis, cell cycle analysis, ploidy analysis, single cell sorting, fluorescence-labeled specific cell population sorting. Academic institutions and private academic units are welcome to contact us for the reservation service.


設施服務日曆 IPMB FCASS Service Calender


實驗室電話: (02)2787-1013; Email: bluegill@gate.sinica.edu.tw

服務說明 Service Description

1. 學術機構及民間研究單位均可預約申請服務。

2. 請先與設施人員聯繫確認上樣時間後,再於線上預約系統提出申請。

3. 設施人員於接獲申請單後將於設施日曆排上確認預約行程

4. 設施拒收具放射性與感染性病原微生物等樣品。


MoFlo XDP cell sorter is maintained and operated by specific assistant, all research units can contact the facilities for booking service. Analysis and sorting service are only for normal tissue and cell samples at present. If your samples are infectious, please discuss with committee members in advance.  The manager has the right to reject radical samples and samples with biological security above level II.

Development direction

CRISPR / Cas-9 gene editing target cell sorting workflow.

* Single cell sorting for single-cell multiomics study.

* Microparticles (viral, plant oil droplets, vesicle transport...) research.

* Environmental stress on microbial physiology (PHA, ROS.....)

* Basic life sciences, plant, agricultural biotechnology & environmental microbial ecology research support.

* Microbiol population genetics, comparative genomics and functional genomics research support.